Council Meeting May 6th, 2024

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City Manager’s Agenda

Grants and Appropriations

  • #1 (CMA 2024 #90) $141,240, from Free Cash to the General Fund Cambridge Health Alliance for the contract for the provision of public health services
  • #3 (CMA 2024 #92) $500.00 donation to the King Afterschool Program to purchase diversity games for the K-2 classroom and to enhance the Chill Zone area in the 2-5 classroom
  • # 4 (CMA 2024 #93) $61,000 grant from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection to develop a toolkit for the inspection and maintenance of stormwater treatment systems
  • #5 (CMA 2024 #94) $229,043 from Free Cash for the grant agreement with Cambridge Community Television (CCTV)
  • $6 (CMA 2024 #95) $42,500 from the Metropolitan Mayors Coalition’s Community Safety Initiative. Funds will be dedicated to “hot spot” police patrols, youth violence reduction strategies, the Focused Deterrence program, and telling the stories of the Port Neighborhood at the Community Art Center


  • #2 (CMA 2024 #91) LGBTQ+ Commission for three year terms
    • (reappointment) Bill Barnett and Robert Bordone
    • Caitlin Egleson, Emmy Howe, Finley Foster, Evan MacKay, Sukia Akiba, and Vincent Montreal


  • #7 (CMA 2024 #96) 2024 Goals and Metrics for the Annual City Manager Performance Review

Policy Orders and Resolutions

  • #1 (POR 2024 #59) Designating May as Mental Health Awareness Month.
  • #2 (POR 2024 #60) Opposition to the expansion of private jet facilities at Hanscom Field or anywhere in the region
  • #3 (POR 2024 #61) Requesting that City departments provide a summary of city efforts related to PFAS concerns, educational information that can be shared with the community, and an overview of the federal and state regulations for PFAS in the wastewater stream

Charter Right Policy Orders

  • #1 (POR 2024 #58) Urging the City Manager, MIT, and Harvard to respect the rights of students to protest

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