About Us

CambridgeReview.org aims to be a single location that provides organized, searchable access to the city’s political data along with thoughtful commentary from knowledgeable community activists.

This site was created and is maintained by Charles Franklin. A handful of other volunteers have posting and commenting privileges.

What We’ve Got

Cambridge Review has data gathered from the city’s Open Meeting Portal and the Election Commission’s website. From the Meeting Portal, we’ve gathered votes on

  • policy orders
  • committee and board appointments
  • appropriations
  • applications and petitons
  • resolutions

and more. Every record shows outcomes and how each councilor voted as well as sponsors, co-sponsors, and charter rights if any.

From the Election Commission, raw vote counts for each round were used to create charts, visualizations, and easily readable tables.

If you notice an error in either council or election data, please email corrections@cambridgereview.org.

Planned improvements

Planned improvements include a section just for zoning petitions and adding further voting and election records


Cambridge Review is organized into a few sections: council data, blog posts, and election history. Blog posts will primarily be about council meetings. Unless otherwise specified, opinions in blog posts will be restricted to the comments section. Only members of the comment team are allowed to comment.


Council Vote Data

City council vote data is retrieved from the city’s Open Meeting Portal.


Most headshots of city councilors sourced from either the city’s website or its archive. The photograph of Tim Toomey was sourced from the Massachusetts state legislature’s website. These photos do not belong to CambridgeReview.com and are used via the fair-use doctrine of US copyright law.