City Council Meeting May 13th, 2024

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City Manager’s Agenda

Grants and Appropriations

  • #1 (CMA 2024 #97) – $39,600 grant from the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency to buy new helmets and boots, two Electric Vehicle (EV) fire blankets, and new third rail testers.
  • #2 (CMA 2024 #98) – $37,019 grant from the State Executive Office of Public Safety, Department of Fire Services to replace the current high-rise hose and additional rescue equipment
  • #3 (CMA 2024 #99) – $200,000 from the General Fund for school department expenditures

Responses and Updates

  • #4 (CMA 2024 #100) – The city’s response to the request to mitigate the noise impacts of waste management disposal operations on residents in the North Point District 
  • #7 (CMA 2024 #103) – A report on developing ways to fund support of decarbonization and clean energy projects and technical assistance for property owners
  • #8 (CMA 2024 #104) – The city recommends not moving discussions of the following to an open meeting
    • the litigation known as City of Cambridge et al., v. Lexington Planning Board et al
    • the purchase of real property, O Cambridge/Concord Turnpike in Lexington, Massachusetts, adjacent to the Hobbs Brook Reservoir


  • #5 (CMA 2024 #101) – Appointments to the Danehy Park Improvement Plan Working Group
    • Ty Bellitti, Sarina Canelake, Katia Crowley, Anthony Galluccio, Chala Hadimi, Emily Hoffman, Tsion Kebede, Frederico Muchnik, Mike Nakagawa, natasa Ristivojevic, Antonieta Salguero, Kathleen Riesing, Michael Siegall, Jason Targoff, and David Weylan.
  • #6 (CMA 2024 #102) – Appointment to the Affordable Housing Trust
    • New members: Raffi Mardirosian and Krissandra Robinson
    • Reappointments: Susan Schlensinger, James G. Stockard Jr., and Elaine Thorne

Policy Orders and Resolutions

  • #1 (POR 2024 #62) – Requesting that the Community Development Department work with the Housing Committee to draft multifamily housing citywide zoning amendments
  • #2 (POR 2024 #63) – Requesting that the City Manager support to efforts supporting Overdose Prevention Center legislation on Beacon Hill
  • #3 (POR 2024 #64) – That the Cambridge City Council go on record recognizing the first full week of May as Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week

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